The SCAM Otaria HD beach cleaning and maintenance machine is a medium-sized 50-60 hp tractor-mounted machine suitable for medium to large beaches. The machine is equipped with two sizes of replaceable sieves and a waste container of 400 liters, for higher cleaning efficiency in the different atmospheric conditions of the beach. The machine's vibro-screening system and maximum depth of 15 cm allow the 98% to completely screen and remove beach debris. The SCAM manufacturer factory fulfills the CE quality standard.


Technical information

The machine is suitable for cleaning and maintenance of beach areas, horse stables, sand courts, sand sports fields for volleyball, beach tennis and others. Tractor required: 4x4, 50 – 60 hp, hydraulic output.
Dimensions and weight

167/211×157 H153 cm/356 kg

Machine capacity
5000-11000 sq.m./hour
Working depth
0-15 cm, also adjustable during operation
Working width
167 see
Sizes of sieves
Interchangeable, 8mm and 20mm
Trash can
400 l, hydraulic dumping at 2 m
Hot dip galvanized

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